Schneider LXM16 Cable

Schneider LXM16 Cable

We at Maven Automation, have enlarged our product range by cable harnessing products. It does not matter if it is a standard or special product, we produce high quality cable harness products. Our customers have tested our products intensively and confirm that they have a longer service life.

We offer a broad product range for “Schneider LXM16 Cable & Connector” as follows:

Power Cable with Plastic Connector:
  • VW3M5A11R03 / VW3M5A11R05
  • VW3M5A11R03S / VW3M5A11R05S

Brake Cable with Plastic Connector:
  • VW3M5A12R03 / VW3M5A12R05

Power Cable with Military Connector:
  • Without brake - VW3M5A21R03 / VW3M5A21R05
  • With brake - VW3M5A22R03 / VW3M5A22R05
  • Without brake - VW3M5A21R03S / VW3M5A21R05S
  • With brake - VW3M5A22R03S / VW3M5A22R05S

Encoder Cable with Plastic Connector:
  • VW3M8A11R03 / VW3M8A11R05

Encoder Cable with Military Connector:
  • VW3M8A21R03 / VW3M8A21R05

I/O Connector Kit:
  • I/O connector of CN1 interface - VW3M4A11

Power Connector Kit:
  • Power Connector without brake - VW3M5A11
  • Power Connector with brake - VW3M5A12
  • Military connector - VW3M5A21
  • Military connector - VW3M5A22

Encoder Connector Kit:
  • Encoder Connector (Flying type) - VW3M8A11
  • Encoder Connector (Military type) - VW3M8A21