Automatic Power Factor (APFC Panel)

Automatic Power Factor (APFC Panel)

Reactive Power compensation system is designed to work automatically on LT power supply to measure, display & connect, disconnect the required capacitor banks through Thyristor /Capacitor Duty contactor with protection of MCB / HRC Fuses & series reactors to each bank to achieve the set Target power factor.

Thyristor /Contactor Switched Automatic power factor system is the highly accurate, properly designed system with required creep age distance as per required standards. APFC System equipped with advanced, Digital Microprocessor based relay to measure, calculate and display all electrical network parameters.

It accurately measures cycle to cycle reactive power requirement for required capacitors are connected to switching element / device installed in the system, so as required capacitors are connected / disconnected to the network. APFC Controllers close loop fast response multi method switching [MMS] algorithm helps system to have close & precise control on power factor.


  • Modular Structure
  • Protection to each step.
  • Well ventilated design.
  • Powder coated metallic frame structure design
  • Four modes of operation.
  • Door interlocks Facility.
  • Good Service Backup.
    • Application

    • Automobile Industries, Cement Industries, Metal Industries.
    • Chemical & Fertilizer Plant, Pharmaceutical Industries.
    • Hospitals, Malls, Banks, IT Parks, Commercial Complexes.
    • Windmill, Power Stations, DG Stations, Crushers.
    • Railway / MES / Ordinance Workshops